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Needtoday Communication Platform

Needtoday Communication Platform is a unified communication platform, which brings multiple communication channels in one place to reach your customers.


Ready to use SMS Marketing

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Ready to use E-mail Marketing

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Ready to use Voice or Cloud Telephony Platform.

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SMS Platform

Needtoday SMS Communication Platform is designed to help enterprises bring efficiency and effectiveness to their customer interaction processes. The users can promote their business, create market awareness and capture Leads with multiple features.

Smart Campaign Manager

No need to schedule multiple campaigns, Just upload your data once and split into multiple campaigns

Track Clicks

Track clicks with a smart URL

Track Mobile Numbers

Track mobile numbers who have clicked on the URL resulting in direct lead capturing at no extra cost and optimize ROI.

Easy Share

Share your Menus, Newsletters, Photos, Videos, Brochures, Spreadsheets, and PDFs with customers and track clicks.

MIS Analysis Chart

Detailed Analysis w.r.t Mobile based Operator, Location, OS and Device

E-mail Platform

Needtoday E-mail Marketing is a high throughput and scalable platform to send large volume of emails to your customers or potential customers. You can use this platform to engage and transact with customers and Partners by sending them e-mails reminders, e-mail alerts, Product/ Service updates etc.

Automation Emails
  • o Subscriber Welcome Email
  • o Internal/ Offer Updates
Transactional Emails
  • o Transaction Confirmation Email
  • o Thank-You Email
  • o Lead Nurturing Email
Informational Emails
  • o Digital Newsletter
  • o Announcement Email
  • o Event Invitation


Our Superior Voice Platform offers Voice Solutions or Cloud Telephony Solutions to make and receive calls simultaneously without investing in any capex on hardware and maintenance. It is the easiest and the smartest way to manage your business calls or promotional calls without comprising on quality.

Voice Solutions

Virtual Number

A Single number with unlimited extensions to manage your business communication


Toll Free Number

A 1800-xxx-xxxxx number is free of charge number for the caller and comes with unlimited extensions to manage your business communication


Missed Call

Users call the advertised Missed call number which is disconnected after one ring recording the user’s details


Outbound Calling

Outbound Dialing delivers your pre-recorded voice messages to all your contacts simultaneously with a single click


Click to Call

Click to Call is a button which is added to your website and allows your customers to call you from your website.


Number Masking

Number masking Service is used by businesses to protect the privacy of their customers by masking their contact number.

Virtual Phone System

Virtual Phone System or a Virtual Receptionist or Hosted PBX is a cloud based Business Phone System. It is a Virtual number connected to an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system which serves as an answering service for your business.

IVR System

IVR System or Cloud based IVR is a Ready to use Multi Level IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform for Business which routes the customer calls to the respective department or agent. It tracks, monitors and manages all incoming and outgoing calls of employees.

Call Centre Solutions

Virtual Phone System or a Virtual Receptionist or Hosted PBX is a cloud based Business Phone System. It is a Virtual number connected to an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system which serves as an answering service for your busines

Needtoday Communication Platform Advantage

“Multiple channels in a single platform for better communication, Lead Control and Business Analytics” Needtoday Communication Platform is a centralisedCloud based Customer Acquisition and optimisationplatform, which brings multiple communication channels in a single platform. Our robust technology allows you to create and execute campaigns, capture and manage leads to increase your productivity and sales at minimal cost.

Multiple Channels

SMS, Email and Voice Channels in a single platform to help you communicate better with your customers

Better Lead Control

Track,Manage and Nurture Leads efficiently on a centralized Platform.

Business Analytics

Business inputs which matter, Hidden data to optimize workforce and increase profits.

Measure Campaigns

Monitor the performance by Hour or by Minute and figure out what’s working and what’s not.

API Integrations

Seamlessly integrate our API with your CRM…

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Advantages: Local Sales Partners have multiple verticals to choose from to save more, sell more and increase their income.

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